What to do next…

So halfway through my University degree, I found a passion for arts management as well as performance. I think this came about due to the amazing internship positions I was able to do during my 1st and 2nd year.

The world of Arts management stood out for me as I love to be organised and be creative. And this career path seems to answer to all of that. I didn’t want to be stuck at my desk 24/7 I wanted to be meeting companies, going to see exciting new work and then crunching budget numbers at my desk. I wanted a job that would be varied and challenging..

In my final year I started looking at the possibilities of an Arts Management masters degree. But soon after crunching the numbers I realised doing my masters immediately after my bachelors degree wasn’t going to be a possibility.

So I decided to gain practical experience, and the most direct way of doing this was to get a job as an arts administrator for a theatre. I thought due to my degree and all of my voluntary experience it would help me kick off my Arts Management career. (Over confident in retrospect)

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Not an ordinary post!

Hi everyone!

This is a slightly different post.

In October I will be running 5K and raising money for Epilepsy Research UK! My younger brother suffers from the condition and I want to help him anyway I can. Epilepsy Research UK is the only national charity in the UK that is exclusively dedicated to funding independent research into the condition. I have lost two close friends due to the condition, both of whom were far too young! So please help and donate whatever you can to an amazing charity.


Below is my just giving page. Read my story and if you are able to donate, big or small I would greatly appreciate it!



Trying something new …

Firstly, I apologise for my radio silence! I can’t believe I have written an entry since February.

This week I have been thinking about music. Performance, artistry and how it all comes together.

From a young age my mother always encouraged me to write songs, something that I have never really understood at the age 12.

But what I think my main problem was, I kept trying to mould my voice, my style into something that would sell. I would write about love, loss, happiness. Emotions at the age of 12 I really didn’t understand.

This week I thought I would give song writing another go. And it felt different, not saying that it’s any good but it feels like I am working towards something positive again :).

So i thought I would share what I have so far, the quality isn’t that great. Hoping to get in the studio soon (it’s still a working progress)..

What makes theatre unique?

I was recently asked this question in a job application.

I started to type what I thought was the right answer, but I literally couldn’t put it into words.

I decided to think back to what made me passionate about the performing arts. And it was one show, one performance that got me hooked.

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Well look at me, I’m….


We all have that one classic film from our childhood that will bring us out of any bad mood.

I on the other hand have at least 10 films (musical ones of course)!

When you are younger you miss out the details, the encrypted messages and morals that only adults see. So i decided to go back on my top 10 films and see what I have actually missed out.


Yes. That sickly sweet cute musical love story of Danny and Sandy, set in the Summer of 1958.

The film was listed as the 20th best musical film of all time by AFI. Having re-watched the film I have to entirely disagree! It should have been listed as one of the most sexist musical films, and not only for the women! The men are constantly being portrayed as womanizing creeps .  The women are all portrayed to be boy-crazed air heads, and then at the end when Danny (John Travolta) decides he needs to change to be with Sandy becomes as bad as all the other air heads.

To me this musical/film just reiterates to youths that being different or unique is never good enough. That you have to change to be perceived as “normal”, is that the message theatre should be sending to the world?

All aboard Noah’s ark!




“Everyone in history has some sort of link to racism, somewhere. I guess, in recent history, white people have had the most notoriety when it comes to racism is almost not a colour thing, but a people thing – people will always find something to be racist about”

– Trevor Noah

As the world becomes more and more PC the less we actually tell each other how we feel, but more often than not we are all thinking the same thing.

Up and coming South African comedian Trevor Noah was born in a time when races were socially and culturally separate. Noah’s mother a black Xhosa and a white Swiss-German father, ultimately was ‘born a crime’ under the apartheid regime.

His upbringing and family life ultimately gave him a different outlook on life, in public he would pretend he and his mother weren’t related. And his own grandad calling him ‘master’ due to him being seen as white. Which to all of us now sounds so surreal. South Africa has come a long way since that time, from the progressive work of the late Nelson Mandela racial awareness has grown and all around the globe black activists have united for change.

Trevor Noah performs to thousands of people of all kinds races, but he knows and we all know there is still a lot of fixing to be done. In South Africa stand up comedy has only been legal since the start of democracy, so there is still so much to explore. Noah has been a hit since the Edinburgh Festival and has so much more to give.

check out a glimpse of his work below!


Pop! Six! Squish! Uh Uh, Cicero, Lipschitz! (With a twist!)

Just a little something to brighten up your Sunday afternoon!


The villains of Disney present… The Spell Block Tango

Produced by What The Funny and American Idol Album Todrick Hall.

click on the link below to watch the video!↓


“Im not trying to climb a ladder – I’m casting a bit of a net” – Neil Patrick Harris

As our graduation day loomed, deadlines dwindled and the realization that our student days were coming to an end. My classmates and I discussed the future. All being Drama students the next stage for us, was finding our place in the industry, trying to piece ourselves to an ever expanding jigsaw. Having so much creative freedom the past year made us re-evaluate not only our professional selves , but the persona and character people see when you first step in a room. Apparently it takes a matter of seconds to create an opinion of someone!

Our final project, with four of my closest course mates made a musical personal to us.

Trying to find your role. Trying to find your part. Exploring various ways to define ourselves

From studying Musical Theatre for the past three years and being in various performances. We had all been type cast in one way or another.

There was a whore, A mother figure, The independent woman, The comedy character and The virgin. In a timeless space the five stereotypes interacted with each other, voicing their frustrations of their type casting. And although some wanted to change they can’t seem to shake the roles society has already given them. Most of these “stock characters” or “stereotypes” stem from the stock characters commedia del’atre (Google if you’re a bit confused!)

Throughout musical theatre history you can categorize the female characters into these five “roles”. But through various discussions it wasn’t just our voice types that attributed to our type casting. But our own personalities, our own experiences build up who we “chose” to portray on stage.


Here is my short video, this video and others were used to develop our piece, have a look ↑

My casting is “The Whore”!

Maya X


It’s a privilege to pee! (really)


For many months there has been plenty of hushed rumours of a hit Broadway musical (Referred to as UGC London) coming to the West End! And this week it’s finally been revealed; Urinetown is coming to the UK! The musical originally opened on Broadway at Henry Miller’s Theatre, running from 20th September 2001 through 18th January 2004, running for 965 performances. And the show was nominated for 10 Tony awards and taking 3 home!

The satirical musical is set in the future telling the story of Caldwell B Caldwell who makes his fortune through the monopolisation of all public toilets. The show attracted somewhat of a cult following over a decade ago and director Jamie Lloyd is overwhelmed to be directing the show in February 2014 at the St James Theatre.

A witty tale of selfishness, fraud, revolution and love! Satirizing the legal system, capitalism and bureaucracy will bring theatregoers in their thousands next February. And will be in no competition with ‘I Can’t Sing’ also due to preview the same month.

I can’t wait 😀

Follow @UrinetownUK for all updates!

Maya x