Deer In The Headlights


“You’ll get a graduate job with a salary of £15 – £20K”

“You have a tremendous amount of skills to offer”

“I would definitely employ you”

Anyone else heard similar statements from friends, employers, family or friends?

Maybe I’m the only one.

But having graduated from University I was more than ever excited about finding a job in the theatre world.

Not too long ago I was told to chase the dream!

But cruelly reality slapped me around the face had a little laugh and forced me to re-evaluate my situation.


At the age of 5 being an adult seemed so much fun. You have a great job, the house, the family, money, the friends and relationships. But at the age of 21 you realise it isn’t as easy as that!

Today I came across a list of jobs I wanted by the age of 25:

– Performer


– Choreographer

– Casting Agent

-Bollywood Film Actress

– Fashion Designer

– Professional Figure Skater.

I made this list when I was 8, but still I wasn’t far off what I wanted to do after University.

So you would think all the experience I’ve had at drama school, university, freelance work, volunteer and intern positions. I would be doing something I loved.


Alas. No. 


Lately my life has consisted of countless nights staying up late applying for jobs, interview preparation, doubting whether I did the right degree.


Therefore I decided to keep positive and create a blog, documenting the trials and tribulations of a Drama graduate.

Keep my eye on the prize blog if you will.


With my own thoughts and opinions of the theatre world too.


So Bonjour everyone 🙂

Maya x

One thought on “Deer In The Headlights

  1. Hi Maya! Thanks for following me! I see we are somewhat in the same boat, I’ve just been in it a couple of years longer! Keep the dream, though, if you truly love something it will come back to you and you will come back to it! I look forward to keeping up with your journey and seeing where you go, as I start my own second half!

    🙂 Elena

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