If that’s not entertainment…

We all at one point or another we all have tuned into x-factor, to watch the deluded or sometimes talented singers fight for a record deal. The much talked about reality talent show, has just got even more media hype. In January 2013 there was many rumours of X Factor the Musical being produced by Simon Cowell.

And unfortunately the rumours are true and I Can’t Sing will preview from 27th February 2014 at London Palladium. On 30th August, it was announced that Nigel Harman will play the role of Simon Cowell, Alan Morrissey will play max and Cynthia Erivo will be Chenice the main contestant in the story who believes she can’t sing (the title sounds so original doesn’t it?).

But with every new musical it is a huge financial gamble and the producers will still have the Viva Forever flop fresh in their minds. Jennifer Saunders’ spice girl musical garnered awful reviews and closed early after 7 months with at least a loss of £5 million. Viva Forever received similar media hype to I Can’t Sing before its run. So will I Can’t Sing have the same fate? Or will it be a triumphant success like Jerry Springer: The Opera?.. I seriously doubt the latter. Let’s hope some of the X Factor rejects don’t make any debut performances at the London Palladium in February 2014!

Have a listen to some of the musical numbers on soundcloud!


Maya x

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