All aboard Noah’s ark!




“Everyone in history has some sort of link to racism, somewhere. I guess, in recent history, white people have had the most notoriety when it comes to racism is almost not a colour thing, but a people thing – people will always find something to be racist about”

– Trevor Noah

As the world becomes more and more PC the less we actually tell each other how we feel, but more often than not we are all thinking the same thing.

Up and coming South African comedian Trevor Noah was born in a time when races were socially and culturally separate. Noah’s mother a black Xhosa and a white Swiss-German father, ultimately was ‘born a crime’ under the apartheid regime.

His upbringing and family life ultimately gave him a different outlook on life, in public he would pretend he and his mother weren’t related. And his own grandad calling him ‘master’ due to him being seen as white. Which to all of us now sounds so surreal. South Africa has come a long way since that time, from the progressive work of the late Nelson Mandela racial awareness has grown and all around the globe black activists have united for change.

Trevor Noah performs to thousands of people of all kinds races, but he knows and we all know there is still a lot of fixing to be done. In South Africa stand up comedy has only been legal since the start of democracy, so there is still so much to explore. Noah has been a hit since the Edinburgh Festival and has so much more to give.

check out a glimpse of his work below!

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