Well look at me, I’m….


We all have that one classic film from our childhood that will bring us out of any bad mood.

I on the other hand have at least 10 films (musical ones of course)!

When you are younger you miss out the details, the encrypted messages and morals that only adults see. So i decided to go back on my top 10 films and see what I have actually missed out.


Yes. That sickly sweet cute musical love story of Danny and Sandy, set in the Summer of 1958.

The film was listed as the 20th best musical film of all time by AFI. Having re-watched the film I have to entirely disagree! It should have been listed as one of the most sexist musical films, and not only for the women! The men are constantly being portrayed as womanizing creeps . Β The women are all portrayed to be boy-crazed air heads, and then at the end when Danny (John Travolta) decides he needs to change to be with Sandy becomes as bad as all the other air heads.

To me this musical/film just reiterates to youths that being different or unique is never good enough. That you have to change to be perceived as “normal”, is that the message theatre should be sending to the world?

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