Trying something new …

Firstly, I apologise for my radio silence! I can’t believe I have written an entry since February.

This week I have been thinking about music. Performance, artistry and how it all comes together.

From a young age my mother always encouraged me to write songs, something that I have never really understood at the age 12.

But what I think my main problem was, I kept trying to mould my voice, my style into something that would sell. I would write about love, loss, happiness. Emotions at the age of 12 I really didn’t understand.

This week I thought I would give song writing another go. And it felt different, not saying that it’s any good but it feels like I am working towards something positive again :).

So i thought I would share what I have so far, the quality isn’t that great. Hoping to get in the studio soon (it’s still a working progress)..

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