What to do next…

So halfway through my University degree, I found a passion for arts management as well as performance. I think this came about due to the amazing internship positions I was able to do during my 1st and 2nd year. The world of Arts management stood out for me as I love to be organised and be […]

“Im not trying to climb a ladder – I’m casting a bit of a net” – Neil Patrick Harris

As our graduation day loomed, deadlines dwindled and the realization that our student days were coming to an end. My classmates and I discussed the future. All being Drama students the next stage for us, was finding our place in the industry, trying to piece ourselves to an ever expanding jigsaw. Having so much creative […]

Deer In The Headlights

“You’ll get a graduate job with a salary of £15 – £20K” “You have a tremendous amount of skills to offer” “I would definitely employ you” Anyone else heard similar statements from friends, employers, family or friends? Maybe I’m the only one. But having graduated from University I was more than ever excited about finding […]