What to do next…

So halfway through my University degree, I found a passion for arts management as well as performance. I think this came about due to the amazing internship positions I was able to do during my 1st and 2nd year. The world of Arts management stood out for me as I love to be organised and be […]

What makes theatre unique?

I was recently asked this question in a job application. I started to type what I thought was the right answer, but I literally couldn’t put it into words. I decided to think back to what made me passionate about the performing arts. And it was one show, one performance that got me hooked.

Well look at me, I’m….

We all have that one classic film from our childhood that will bring us out of any bad mood. I on the other hand have at least 10 films (musical ones of course)! When you are younger you miss out the details, the encrypted messages and morals that only adults see. So i decided to […]

It’s a privilege to pee! (really)

For many months there has been plenty of hushed rumours of a hit Broadway musical (Referred to as UGC London) coming to the West End! And this week it’s finally been revealed; Urinetown is coming to the UK! The musical originally opened on Broadway at Henry Miller’s Theatre, running from 20th September 2001 through 18th […]

If that’s not entertainment…

We all at one point or another we all have tuned into x-factor, to watch the deluded or sometimes talented singers fight for a record deal. The much talked about reality talent show, has just got even more media hype. In January 2013 there was many rumours of X Factor the Musical being produced by […]

These are the people who cast….

As Dot Cotton would say “I’m not one to gossip but…” I’m pretty sure the casting world has gone a totally crazy this summer! You may have already guessed but I am referring to the casting of the controversial film adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey The trilogy received mix reviews and now so has […]

Deer In The Headlights

“You’ll get a graduate job with a salary of £15 – £20K” “You have a tremendous amount of skills to offer” “I would definitely employ you” Anyone else heard similar statements from friends, employers, family or friends? Maybe I’m the only one. But having graduated from University I was more than ever excited about finding […]